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How it works:

Homeplate Bay St. Grill sponsors a non-profit cause within the surrounding community each Tuesday. Chosen applicants will be notified approximately one month prior to their chosen Tuesday. Accommodations will attempt to be met for requests for a certain Tuesday.

During your Tuesday, your cause receives 20% of all purchases made by its supporters at our restaurant. Tickets must be presented to staff for the fund to receive credit for the purchases. Tickets can be used for dine-in, to-go, and gift certificate purchases.

Tickets for you to distribute will be made by us and emailed to you to print up and distribute or email to interested parties. Tickets cannot be distributed in or outside the perimeter of the parking area of restaurant. Doing so may result in cancellation of fund-raising Tuesday agreement.

It is your responsibility to actively distribute the tickets for your Tuesday night fund-raiser. All marketing and advertising of the event is up to you to provide. Homeplate Restaurant must approve any and all printed material prior to printing.

Download Brochure with Application Form (updated 7.3.18)

Download a PDF Application Form
(updated 5-8-17)